Diane’s Dance Center Dance Team Rules 2019-20


1. Attendance at dance team classes is very important.  If you have three absences within three months, you will not be allowed to compete on the team.


2. Dance Team must be a priority for you. If you are enrolled in an organized weekend activity (such as marching band, cheering, sports, gymnastics, etc.), you probably do not have the time for the Dance Team. Enjoy your other activity.


3. The week before a competition we have short extra practices. In order to dance at a competition, you must attend the last regular class before the competition and the extra practice. Notice of conflicts with scheduled dance competitions must be give 45 days before the competition.  No refunds will be given to students who are not able to compete due to family activities, illness, injury or poor attendance,.


4. You are required to be at scheduled competition events two hours early (even if you don’t need to have your hair done).  Hair should be brushed and in a high pony tail at the time of your arrival.  Unnatural hair colors (pink, blue, green, etc.) are not allowed for competitions.


5. Dancing is inherently risky. Diane’s Dance Center Inc., it’s employees, teachers and helpers are not responsible for any injuries sustained in activities related to the dance team.  Some competition companies will require you to sign a waiver prior to the competition. 

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