Diane’s Dance Center Dance Team Rules 2016-17


1. Attendance at dance team classes is very important.  If you have three absences within three months, you will not be allowed to compete on the team.


2. Dance Team must be a priority for you. If you are enrolled in an organized weekend activity (such as marching band, cheering, sports, gymnastics, etc.), you probably do not have the time for the Dance Team. Enjoy your other activity.


3. The week before a competition we have short extra practices. In order to dance at a competition, you must attend the last regular class before the competition and the extra practice. Notice of conflicts with scheduled dance competitions must be give 45 days before the competition.  No refunds will be given to students who are not able to compete due to family activities, illness, injury or poor attendance,.


4. You are required to be at scheduled competition events two hours early (even if you don’t need to have your hair done).  Hair should be brushed and in a high pony tail at the time of your arrival.  Unnatural hair colors (pink, blue, green, etc.) are not allowed for competitions.


5. Dancing is inherently risky. Diane’s Dance Center Inc., it’s employees, teachers and helpers are not responsible for any injuries sustained in activities related to the dance team.  Some competition companies will require you to sign a waiver prior to the competition..


6. Special classes for solos and duets will be scheduled for students only with the approval of Miss Diane. The costs are: $500 for solos; $250 per person for duets or trios. Price includes dance choreography, music and up to 10 practice sessions to learn and rehearse the dance. Extra sessions may be purchased for $25 per half hour.  Costs do not include performance fees which typically run about $100 for a solo and $60 per dancer for duets.


7. Company dancers need to own the correct dance shoes.  Competition shoes could be different from those that are required for regular class.


8. Competition payments are due four weeks before the competition. Once you have agreed to perform in a competition, there can be no refunds. Performance fees for competitions are typically $35 to $50 per dance.  If you are disqualified from the competition for any reason, such as missing the last class before the competition, you are still responsible for the competition fee. Fees not paid four weeks prior to the competition date are subject to a $10 per dance late fee. Non payment of fees may result in not dancing in a competition. There is a one time fee of $75 per student each year to be part of the Dance Team.  This fee covers dance team try outs, extra rehearsals, props, supplies, competition application preparation and production costs.


9. Diane’s Dance Center dancers are expected to wear designated DDC warm-up outfits.  Warm-ups will need to purchased at Diane’s Dance Center prior to the first competition.


11. The Dance Team may attend weekend workshops.  An additional fee, which includes classes with master teachers, will be required and may run up to $150 per student.


12. Last year our dancers performed so well in Regional Competitions that many of them were invited to compete at the national level in the summer. Plans for Summer 2015 will be formulated shortly. To help defray expenses for Nationals fund raisers will be organized for families that chose to participate.


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